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Cool Facts about Hummingbirds - Hummingbirds would like to befriend you and tell you more about them. Watch this video to find out more!
CORE Exercises Demo - Part 2 - of Lower Back Pain + CORE Exercises
Dr. Christina Choi, Doctor of Chiropractic, explains to us the causes of lower back pain, the signs and symptoms, risk factors etc. She also shows us some core exercises to strengthen the lower back.
Pickering Ontario is graced with public art and natural beauty. The picturesque Millennium Square and Beachfront Park is a great place to chill out and break loose the city pace.
Welcome to my daily vlog journey! Please post your suggestions in the comment as to what I should vlog about. I will pick one suggestion and start my daily vlog for 30 days.
Wilket Creek Walk - An enjoyable walk from Wilket Creek park to Edwards Gardens, Toronto Botanical Garden, Sunnybrook park and Serena Gundy park.
Painting by Pat #15 - Time-Lapse Video of a Painting of Lavender & Portuguese Vase in Watercolour.
The Seniors Online project offers selected programs for older adults and seniors to participate online. This project is funded by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program. AGOAC members and non-members are welcome.
Propagating and sharing this jade plant amongst the family is our way of honouring my mother-in-law and keeping her legacy alive. While the sun has set on one journey, these new offspring represent new beginnings.
A peaceful stroll in a quaint town of Southern Ontario, with unique architecture and historic conservation district downtown, Port Hope received the Lieutenant Governor's Ontario Heritage award in 2008.
A quick video to inspire you to use everyday household items to create cinematic shots. DIY Slider and DIY Tripod. Let your creativity flow and have fun creating!
Yellow Finches are having fun on the new thistle feeder. This home-made feeder is easy to make with materials found at home. Finches will come to bring you sunshine and surprise!
5 days in Cuba, exploring historical towns and architecture, discovering scenic botanical garden and unique cultural places. The coastal vista of these ports is beyond beauty.
Zoom vs. Dolly - Can you tell which shot was filmed using Zoom or Dolly? View this video on YouTube and put your answers in the comment and see if you got them all right.
Hardy Little Hummingbird - Hummingbirds are back! Help feed the hungry hummingbirds so they can continue their migratory journeys!
Learn Mandarin by Singing with AGOAC instructor Pat Yan (in Mandarin) Song #18 - 鳳凰于飛
Georgina, the town in Ontario on the southeastern shore of Lake Simcoe, is a lakeside community with historic buildings, scenic parks and more than 100 farms.
Manual Settings Filmmaking - A quick video to show how we should use Manual Mode to control the focus and lighting when filming our video.
Oriole - Dazzling bright orange colour attracts and brings joy to viewers. And you can share your orange with your bird friend!
Sweet Potato Glutinous Rice Balls | 蕃薯糯米糍 - Glutinous rice balls are a type of traditional Chinese pastry. It is also known as "lo mei chi". Common fillings are egg yolk custard, red bean paste or sesame seed. I use sweet potato for a healthier recipe.
Dr. Christina Choi, Doctor of Chiropractic, explains some common problems that cause neck pain and vertigo. She also shows us how to select a good pillow, follows with exercises for strengthening the neck and relieving pain.
The tranquil Cullen Central Park is the former site of once a major tourist attraction in Whitby Ontario for 25 years, called the Cullen Gardens & Miniature Village.
Filming With Your Smartphone - A quick video to show why we should film with our smartphone in Landscape mode.
Global Big Day 2021 - What is Global Big Day? Watch this video to find out and watch out for 2022 Global Big Day!
Painting by Pat #14 - Time-Lapse Video of a painting of Purple Tulips in watercolour.
Neighourhood Hike 042421 - Exploring Cedar Valley, a neighbourhood gem in Markham on a sunny spring day.
Eye Health for People Over 50 - Dr. Charlene To explains 4 major eye issues affecting people over 50 - Diabetes, Cataracts, Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration. Bonus: Retinal Detachment.
Admiring the gorgeous tulips in Keukenhof Netherlands, one of the world's largest flower gardens, is the highlight of our trip to Amsterdam in May 2019.