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Past Events

MSAA Press Conference Daisy Wai, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister for Seniors and Accessibility, Raymond Cho is announcing the grant to senTV.
senTV Filmmaking Workshop - Joe Tilley. Joe got his finger on the pulse of Toronto sports scene since 1984 and known for his enthusiastic and energetic on-air style.
The Canadian International Auto Show is not only the largest automotive expo in Canada, it is also the country's largest consumer show.
senTV Filmmakers at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre busy interviewing and reporting on the Canadian International Auto Show Media Day.
The 15th Annual Bloor-Yorkville Icefest presents "Awesome '80s" featuring 70,000 lbs of crystal-clear ice sculptures.
AGOAC 2020 Annual Gala - The Video Booth was a tremendous success during pre-show as senTV Filmmakers working with the green-screen.
Tea lovers come to Toronto 2020 Tea Festival to sample teas from around the world and learn about all thing tea.
As 2020-02-02 reads the same backwards and forwards on this Palindrome Day in 909 years, senTV Filmmakers are having fun filming their Human Alphabets.
Winterlicious 2020 "Delicious food, delightful friends. A Perfect experience we shall enjoy again."
"Extraordinary lunch with gourmet food, lots of sharing and laughter. Marvellous Winterlicious experience, looking for encoressss..."
"What an enchanting and enjoyable Winterlicious experience. Luscious food, great companions and tasteful settings."
"How wonderful to enjoy Winterlicious gourmet lunch with friends on a snowy day. It's priceless!!"
"Wonderful Winterlicious experience. Delicious food, great entertainment and dancing. Let the good times roll!"
senTV Filmmakers visits the Royal Ontario Museum because it is Canada's largest museum and the fifth largest in North America.
senTV Filmmakers said Goodbye to 2019 and Hello 2020 - The behind the scene takes are proofs of how hard they work and how much fun they were having.
Evergreen Brick Works was converted from the original brick factory into a city park which restored buildings to focus on the community and cultural centre.
Toronto Christmas Market is part of the plan for Matthew Rosenblatt, Creator and Executive Director to keep the Distillery District open year-round.
Toronto Christmas Market 2019 A month-long event that celebrated the sights, sounds & scents of Christmas at the Distillery District.
While senTV crew were having fun inside Casa Loma, festive surprises awaits with Nutcracker decor, wandered through a twinkling pathway of lights led them to Santa's Workshop.
The senTV filmmakers demonstrated the highlight of 10 attractions in Casa Loma they enjoyed most during their local day trip before Christmas.
The senTV crew showed not only the entertaining aspects they enjoyed at Casa Loma, but also some in-depth information about the history of this Edwardian castle on the hill top overlooking Toronto.
Since October 2004, a house on Krisbury Avenue has been transforming the outside of this home into a creepy Thornhill Woods Haunted House in celebration of Halloween.
AGOAC Craft Group's Charity Craft Sale. A total of $5,799 was raised for the Bereaved Families of Ontario (York Region).
Through education, research and collaboration, the Aga Khan Museum fosters dialogue and promotes tolerance and mutual understanding among people.
senTV Filmmakers interviews the Executive Director and the Board Director at the 2019 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival
senTV Filmmakers at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival 2019 and tour the TIFF Film Reference Library. What a great event!
With the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Media Pass, senTV crew interviewed various guests and some vendors at the "Made By Me" Artisan Pavilion.
At the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, senTV crew learned about locally grown food, enjoyed the Horse shows Competition, Harness Racing, and RCMP musical rides, plus many other animal shows.
SenTV interviewed Charlie Johnstone, CEO of the Royal Fair, who managed the Fair with one million square feet of displays and competition facilities with more than 300,000 visitors a year.
Black Creek Pioneer Village, a village life in Canada as it was 150 years ago. An open-air heritage museum in Toronto.
AGOAC Chinese Painting Program Instructor Yvonne Cheng & Student 2019 Art Exhibition showcasing lots of works of Chinese water colour.
Hong Kong POP Culture A stage production of a drama covered around 25 famous songs with singers of each musical era.
Hong Kong POP Culture (Rehearsal). Interviews with the Lead Actors and the Producer of this Musical stage productions.
The Markham Fair hosts more than 80,000 attendees each year with about 700 volunteers. The largest four-day fair in Canada.