Recent Videos

Visiting Scarborough waterfront on the last day of Ontario Step 2 by going from Colonel Danforth Park to East Point Park via Highland Creek Trail and Waterfront Trail.
How to Prepare a Will - Healthy Lifestyle Series: Mary Wong explains to us the importance of preparing a will so that you retain full control of your estate after your death.
Enjoyed a patio lunch at a winery restaurant in Grimsby Ontario, with a visit to see some unique and whimsical century cottages close by the Grimsby Beach.
The special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren has great advantages. Studies show that when grandparents spend time with grandchildren, they are helping their own health and live longer.
Rainy Day at Sibbald Point Provincial Park - Having fun in the rain visiting Sibbald Point Provincial Park!
Healthy Lifestyle: Oral Healthcare for Seniors - Dr. Matthew Soo, DDS explains the importance of Oral Healthcare is not just for the teeth, but also includes parts of the mouth such as the lips, vestibule, mouth cavity, gums, hard and soft palate, tongue and salivary glands.
Staying at a historic Inn in a central location of Stratford Ontario, with walking distance to various gardens, cafes, restaurants, galleries and Festival Theatre. A very relaxing staycation with fond memories in this Shakespearean town.
Never Too Old to Learn - Here a detailed step-by-step video showing my Zoom audio settings, where to find Karaoke songs and Share Screen on Zoom.
Hummingbirds' New Toy - We all like new toys! Hummingbirds are no exceptions.
Painting by Pat #16 - Timelapse Video of a Painting of the Creek Street, Ketchikan, Alaska in Watercolour.
Discovering Cabbagetown Toronto, North America's largest collection of preserved Victorian houses, with exceptional gardens and lush tree-lined streetscapes. What an urban "village" feel!
Never Too Old To Learn - This video shows 3 different ways to remove the Green Screen background in DaVinci Resolve 17. Within the Color page, in Fusion, and just on the Edit page.
Visit 2 Provincial Parks, Mono Cliffs and Forks of the Credit on the same day, enjoying the Jacob’s Ladder, McCarston’s Lake, Kettle Lake, Bailey Bridge and beautiful landscapes along the trails.
Highlights of Sunday Showcase - Seniors Online hosted its first-ever virtual talent show, offering a platform for people to show off their talents! We had singers, musicians, 太極劍 . . . Check out the show now!
Bonding with Grandchildren - How I learnt to make Hong Kong Fruit Salad from my Grandmother. A family dish brings back fond memories of a learning experience decades ago. And the tradition moves on.
A lovely mix of old-and-new neighbourhood in Toronto's east end, with plenty of green space, connecting bridges and unique artful sculptures. The twilight view at Riverdale Park East was an unforgettable treat!
Never Too Old To Learn - Creating the Dolly Zoom or the Vertigo Effect is quite easy with a slider and the help of DaVinci Resolve.
Magnificent Birds of Colour - A wonderful world of colours found among birds.
Learn Mandarin by Singing with AGOAC instructor Pat Yan (in Mandarin) Song #19 - 淚的小雨
Red bean pudding (also known at Put Chai Ko) is a popular snack in Hong Kong. Traditionally, you use two bamboo skewers to take out the Put Chai Ko from the container. Nowadays, it is mostly sold in plastic bags.
Picturesque scenery with varying farms on our road trip to Stratford Ontario. Enjoyed a self-guided tour at Organic Oasis Farm and visited the Stratford Farmers' Market.
A quick video to demonstrate the difference between J and L cuts and how to use them in DaVinci Resolve 17.
Cool Facts about Hummingbirds - Hummingbirds would like to befriend you and tell you more about them. Watch this video to find out more!
CORE Exercises Demo - Part 2 - of Lower Back Pain + CORE Exercises
Dr. Christina Choi, Doctor of Chiropractic, explains to us the causes of lower back pain, the signs and symptoms, risk factors etc. She also shows us some core exercises to strengthen the lower back.
Pickering Ontario is graced with public art and natural beauty. The picturesque Millennium Square and Beachfront Park is a great place to chill out and break loose the city pace.
Welcome to my daily vlog journey! Please post your suggestions in the comment as to what I should vlog about. I will pick one suggestion and start my daily vlog for 30 days.
Wilket Creek Walk - An enjoyable walk from Wilket Creek park to Edwards Gardens, Toronto Botanical Garden, Sunnybrook park and Serena Gundy park.