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Admiring the gorgeous tulips in Keukenhof Netherlands, one of the world's largest flower gardens, is the highlight of our trip to Amsterdam in May 2019.
Become A Filmmaker - A quick video to show how easy it is for anyone to become a filmmaker. With all the advancements in technology in video equipment, gadgets and free apps.
Backyard Friends - While spending more time locked down at home, have you made any backyard friends? Can you name them and share with us?
To Moms with Love - Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a mother! To all the Mothers in the world no matter where they are!
Mother's Day is celebrated all around the world. We show our appreciation for mothers and pay tribute to the special woman who performed the miracle of birth.
Embraced the captivating Sakura Grove. Explored the winding Valley Land Trail. Wandered around the historic Miller Lash House and strolled along the tranquil Highland Creek in a relaxing afternoon.
There are different ways to set up your mic and mixer for Karaoke with friends and family over the Zoom Conferencing app. Let me show you this simple and low-cost setup so you can have fun singing.
Recycling - One’s waste is another’s treasure. Guess what it is!
Learn Mandarin by Singing with AGOAC instructor Pat Yan (in Mandarin) - #17 - 南海姑娘 Popular Mandarin Song
A short video journey of the Marylake Our Lady of Grace Shrine (King City), the Cathedral of the Transfiguration at Cathedraltown (Markham), and the Sharon Temple (Town of East Gwillimbury).
A short video to show how wonderful it is to enjoy the freshness that nature offers during the budding season of Spring Time in Markham.
Spring bird Yellow Finches are colourful and joyful to watch. They are a welcome sight in backyards and parks. Here are the interesting facts about Yellow Finches!
A self-guided day tour around Don Valley's interesting places from Weston Family Quarry Garden, Evergreen Brickworks, Governor's Bridge Lookout, Don Valley Brick Works Park, to the Chester Hill Lookout.
Netflix Setup - Use the steps in this video to set up Netflix to your TV and start enjoying watching Movies.
Sparrows - Sparrows are little brown birds and they are pretty much alike. Do you want to know more about them when you see them hopping in your backyard?
Painting by Pat # 13 - Time-Lapse Video of a painting of Goldfish in watercolor.
Greek islands are magical and romantic destinations where you can wander freely at your own pace. This is our way to experience 4 of these captivating Islands.
Zoom Meetings is a great communication service that helps us connect with others virtually. Use the steps in this video to sign up and install ZOOM Video Conferencing to your computer.
Nesting Behaviour of Great Blue Heron - Ever wonder where and how Great Blue Herons build their nests? And how they care for their youngs? Lets find out from this video!
Chinese Steamed Sponge Cake is traditionally served in dim sum restaurants. This is an easy and delicious recipe to try (especially during lockdown).
A self guided tour of the Heritage Hunt in Thornhill Ontario, featuring J. E. H. MacDonald House and then practicing "Forest Bathing" in Pomona Mills Park, soaking in nature through our senses.
Unmarking Spam in Gmail - Use the steps in this video to ensure that you receive legitimate emails to your Inbox and not to the spam folder.
Will Great Blue Heron choke on its prey? It is amazing to watch the ‘bill stab’ action of the Great Blue Heron in catching its prey. Its attempts to swallow a large prey bring surprise to bird watching.
Learn Mandarin by Singing with AGOAC instructor Pat Yan (in Mandarin) - #16 微風細雨
Kitty shares with you another ancient Chinese game, Tilted Nail 斜釘,with its history and rules to play in Cantonese. 介紹斜釘的起源和遊戲規則。
Join our very special Zoom Class to clear your head and have some fun.
Touring the Tiffin Centre for Conservation with a focus on the making of Maple Syrup from Maple sap can be an educational and fun seasonal activity in the nature.
Woodpeckers - Watch the video on Woodpeckers and see whether you can answer the quiz! You won’t miss these black and white woodpeckers hammering at tree barks for insects. They are joy to bird watchers!