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Greek islands are magical and romantic destinations where you can wander freely at your own pace. This is our way to experience 4 of these captivating Islands.
Zoom Meetings is a great communication service that helps us connect with others virtually. Use the steps in this video to sign up and install ZOOM Video Conferencing to your computer.
Nesting Behaviour of Great Blue Heron - Ever wonder where and how Great Blue Herons build their nests? And how they care for their youngs? Lets find out from this video!
Chinese Steamed Sponge Cake is traditionally served in dim sum restaurants. This is an easy and delicious recipe to try (especially during lockdown).
A self guided tour of the Heritage Hunt in Thornhill Ontario, featuring J. E. H. MacDonald House and then practicing "Forest Bathing" in Pomona Mills Park, soaking in nature through our senses.
Unmarking Spam in Gmail - Use the steps in this video to ensure that you receive legitimate emails to your Inbox and not to the spam folder.
Will Great Blue Heron choke on its prey? It is amazing to watch the ‘bill stab’ action of the Great Blue Heron in catching its prey. Its attempts to swallow a large prey bring surprise to bird watching.
Learn Mandarin by Singing with AGOAC instructor Pat Yan (in Mandarin) - #16 微風細雨
Kitty shares with you another ancient Chinese game, Tilted Nail 斜釘,with its history and rules to play in Cantonese. 介紹斜釘的起源和遊戲規則。
Join our very special Zoom Class to clear your head and have some fun.
Touring the Tiffin Centre for Conservation with a focus on the making of Maple Syrup from Maple sap can be an educational and fun seasonal activity in the nature.
Woodpeckers - Watch the video on Woodpeckers and see whether you can answer the quiz! You won’t miss these black and white woodpeckers hammering at tree barks for insects. They are joy to bird watchers!
Visiting Scarborough-Rouge Park (Ward 25), a self-guided tour as recommended by StrollTO in Sep 2020. Played tourists to support City's initiative to promote *Backyard Tourism* in our Travel-Restricted Era.
There are different ways to set up for Karaoke with the Zoom Conferencing app. Let me show you this simple and low to no cost set up so you can have fun singing Karaoke.
Earl Bales Park - A beautiful park for all ages, all season activities in the Heart of the City. Earl Bales is an awesome urban park for everyone!
Painting By Pat #12 - Time-Lapse Video of a painting of Maple Leaves Bokeh Effect in watercolor.
Mono Cliffs is located on the picturesque Bruce Trail. A fun day of hiking the Cliff-Top Side Trail, passing a canyon on boardwalk, trekking the Jacob's Ladder and the McCarstons Lake Trail.
My DaVinci Resolve Workflow - There are countless ways to work in DaVinci Resolve. Here is my workflow while using DaVinci Resolve which may provide new options for you with your workflow.
Hello Nuthatches - Want to know about Nuthatches? Don’t mix them up with Chickadees!
Helen on Health: Astigmatism - Dr. Charlene To talks to us about Astigmatism and shows us how to read your eye prescription.
(浮生本地遊) Discovering the various public art and memorials in Ajax Ontario Canada (the Town by the Lake). The refreshing vast Waterfront Park is magically charming in the twilight glow.
This awesome wipe transition effect is very popular seen in many films. And it is very easy to create with DaVinci Resolve.
Chickadees' ability to keep track of where they store and retrieve hundreds of individual seeds is amazing. And it is more impressive to know Chickadees' brains expand at the Fall and how they clear their memory and replace with new ones in order to survive the frosty winters.
Learn Mandarin by Singing Popular Mandarin Songs - #15 可可托海的牧羊人
Easy One Pan Apple Cake | 平底鍋蘋果蛋糕 - This is how to make an apple cake without needing to use the oven in just 30 minutes! The ingredients are simple and the cake is moist & delicious, perfect for afternoon tea.
A relaxing afternoon stroll at Lynde Shores Conservation Area in Whitby Ontario, close encounter with nature in this urban oasis. The Lake Ontario Trail was especially tranquil. Watching the sunset in the wild at Bobolink Trail was unforgettable.
There are million ways to frame and shoot a scene. I challenge myself to come up with at least 50 ways to film just one object. Hope this inspires you to give it a try too.
Spring Awakens - Spring is alive and bursting with activities. All are out to enjoy the fresh Spring air and beautiful weather. Are you one of them?