Nature Videos

Visitors to the Trail Hub in Uxbridge Ontario, are drawn to its serene natural beauty, offering quiet walking trails amidst picturesque landscapes. The Countryside Preserve provides a peaceful escape from urban life in a tranquil countryside setting.
Hibiscus Blooming (Time-lapse) - Watch the Hibiscus flower blooming in 2 days, one flower after the other. Typically they bloom for only one day and the flower will close up and drop off.
A birding tour in Walvis Bay, Namibia promises an unforgettable experience, combining exceptional migratory birds viewing with breathtaking natural beauty of lagoons, salt pans and sand dunes.
Blue jay Interesting Feeding Behavior - Do you want to learn more about the feeding and foraging behavior of this beautiful and quirky blue jay?
Blue Jay in Motion - Blue Jays can be easily recognized by their loud noisy calls and their beautiful blue color plumage in flight and in motion. See whether you can spot any Blue jay in motion even in snowy weather!
Hawk Hunting - We are hunting to see hawk while the hawk is hunting for food.
Moulting Yellow Finch - Do you know Yellow Finch moult twice every year? Have you seen a Moulting Finch before? Why do they need to moult? Hope you find all the answers in this video!
A short video showing our fun time to capture the late coming fall colours in Markham, while trying out the new Hover Air X1 flying camera.
In the Fundy Biosphere Region, exploring Cape Enrage on a fossil beach tour was a journey through time. We uncovered ancient treasures and gazed at dramatic cliffs, creating an adventure of blended history and natural wonder.
Amazing Hummingbird - She is feeding herself and getting ready for the Fall Migration!
A captivating day excursion on the western shores of the island, where a rugged coastline adorned with amazing rocky formations, and the renowned Cheung Po Chai Cave awaits; this area is a hiker's paradise.
Hummingbird's Favorite Annual Flowers - These beautiful fast growing flowers provide plenty of nectar for hummingbirds and are a cheerful addition to any backyard.
Wasps battling at Hummingbird's Feeder - The battle between Hummingbird and wasp is interesting to watch! Who is the winner?
Unexpected Actions at the Falls!
Hummingbird Bill - The bill or the tongue. Which is longer? Why does a hummingbird have a long bill and a long tongue?
Salmon Run 2022 - Amazing salmon jump trying to reach upstream their spawning grounds. Most got hurt and knocked back by the strong currents. It is an impressive view of their incredible strength, determination and amazing journey.
Great experience to follow the staff at Long Point Bird Observatory to see the birds up close at the Birding Trails & Banding Demonstration. This is a Bird Migration Monitoring Research Program since 1960 and is the longest running program of its kind in the Americas.
Hummingbirds - Feet for Walking? - Hummingbirds’ tiny feet perform lots of tasks except walking. Can you count them from watching this video?
How to attract American Goldfinch (Yellow Finch) - American Goldfinches are associated with celebration and joy and are regarded as omens of good things to come. Here are some ways to attract the Goldfinches to visit your backyard and bring joy and wonder of nature.
Nest Building to Empty Nest in 32 days - A baby is born! View how it spends its first month in the nest. This 10 minutes video captures the incredible 32 days from Nest Building to Empty Nest with a Big Surprise at the end!
Flying Jewels, Hummingbirds - Sparkle sparkle flying jewels are here for a brief visit. Don’t miss seeing these beautiful agile hummingbirds zoom around your nectar feeders and flower garden.
Bluebirds and Tree Swallows compete for Nest Box - Friends or Foes? Want to learn about the relationship between 2 beautiful birds, Bluebirds and Tree Swallows?
What is Oriole's favorite food? - Everyone has favorites. Oriole is no exception. What is Oriole’s favorite food? Place them outdoors to welcome the visits of Orioles.
Amazing Swans - A duet between Mute Swan and Trumpeter Swan is amazing to watch. And you won’t miss the Trumpeter’s trumpeting and honking calls.
Spring Birds - Can you name the earliest spring birds found in Toronto, Ontario? Most appear in this video. Have Fun!
American Robin - Spring is here when you see robins frolicking and foraging for food in open spaces. The Robin’s rich caroling is one of the earliest bird songs heard at dawn in spring and summer.
Short Eared Owl - Hoot hoot comes the Short-eared Owl! Active when it awakes. Roost when it sleeps. We have to follow them at dawn and dusk.
How Birds survive Snowy Winter - Some birds do not migrate south but stay in Ontario for the cold snowy winter. How do they survive? How can we help?
Land Snails - Explore into their secret world with their shells to protect them from weather and predators. However, their shells reduce their size and mobility and they live quiet lives under the cover of darkness.
Squirrels - Friends or foes? Sharing or stealing? A matter of perspective! ’Tis merry season, let’s give and enjoy. Peace be on earth!
Bird Bath - Want to know about the uses and care of a bird bath? This video will provide you with some ideas.
New Toy for Blue Jay - Christmas is coming. The Blue jays have fun playing with their new toy. Soon other birds will join in the fun.
Our morning started at Carma Farms for a farm-to-table experience. Fun to feed the animals and take photos in front of the farm murals. Then we enjoyed a unique Colombian lunch at a Markham restaurant.
Guild Park, sitting on top of the Scarborough Bluffs, is home to pieces that were salvaged from early Toronto buildings that were demolished. These are presented as artwork throughout the park.
A waterfront recreation park, full of fun activities and paved walking trails in the midst of urban area, is for the whole family to enjoy from Sunrise to Sunset. The Lakeside view of the sunset is breathtaking!
Having fun and joy with the late Fall colours at the 25-acre Markham Museum grounds. What a great tranquil spot of nature in the midst of an urban living.
Late Autumn Hike is a good way to explore the changing fall scenery after the vibrant fall colors, get fresh air and enjoy the relaxing sound and movements of flowing creeks before the winter settles in.
Bob Hunter Memorial Park is a hidden gem in Markham that nature lovers do not want to miss.
The Scarborough Bluffs stretch for about 14km along the Lake Ontario shore. Walking the trail along the Bluffs is a great experience to enjoy the Bluffs and the beautiful beach.
The Haliburton Sculpture Forest is a unique outdoor collection of sculptures located in Glebe Park near the village of Haliburton, Ontario. Admission is free, while donations are appreciated from the community.
A fully packed fun day of taking chairlift at Kelso Conservation Area to see the fall colors with the stunning Niagara Escarpment as a backdrop, searching for the perfect pumpkins at Springridge Farm and picking red delicious apples at the BigR Apple Farm.
A lovely experience walking on this section of the waterfront trail in Whitby. The trail is paved, passes through several parks and beautiful natural areas on the shore of Lake Ontario.
Kelso Conservation Area provides an excellent view of the fall colours over the Chairlift Ride and a picture-perfect boardwalk passing through water and forest. Enjoyed the barn yard market and lunch at Springridge Farm on Thanksgiving Sunday.
Party Time! Birds and friends enjoy feast party in the backyard before another winter.
Woodpecker Pecks - Welcoming visits of woodpeckers!
Enjoyed a hiking day at the Point Pelee National Park, it has sandy beaches stretched into Lake Erie. Explored with panoramic view of the unforgettable eco-adventure Marsh Boardwalk and the Tip, the southernmost point on mainland Canada.
Salmon Run at Etienne Brule Park - 2021 Salmon run season is here! Let’s see what is found at the Etienne Brule Park in the Humber River Valley. Are the salmons successful in jumping over all six weirs and travel back to their birth place to spawn?
Hamilton has more than 100 waterfalls within city limits and is known as the Waterfall Capital of the World. Great place to go hiking with close up experience on the falls. Beautiful place, a must to visit!
Waterfront Trail - Lakefront Park West to Ronald C. Deeth Park: Come walk with us on this family-friendly section of the waterfront trail from Oshawa to Whitby.
Enjoy the natural wonders of the Niagara Escarpment. The Bruce Trail enables hikers to discover the “Hole in the Wall”, one of nature’s glacial fissures, over Black Creek, huge lime kilns, powder house and mill ruins dating to the 1800s. This area is truly a hidden gem!
Waterfront Trail - Oshawa: An interesting walk from the Lakeview Park Beach to Lakefront Park West in Oshawa.
The Lost Trail - A Short Film: One of the best ways to keep fit and enjoy the great outdoor is trail walking. And if you can also shoot a short film to upload to YouTube is an added bonus!
Blue jays are not sick, they just look odd, funny and can be scary in late summer. Blue jays go through complete annual late-summer moult, unlike other birds that moult partially during the moulting process.
Milne Dam Conservation Park is located on Milne Reservoir. This park offers nice hiking, biking trails, picnic areas, fishing and birding spots for the whole family and friends all season round.
Rouge National Urban Park - Orchard Trail, Vista Trail, Mast Trail: Outdoor or nature lovers will enjoy these trails. The Orchard Trail, Vista Trail and Mast Trail are located in the Rouge National Urban Park which is within easy reach in Scarborough.
Craigleith Provincial Park is known for the fractured oil shale plates on the shore containing invertebrate fossils 455 million years old. Strolling along Ontario Highway 26, you will find other beautiful attractions; White’s Bay Park, Millennium Park and Sunset Point Park.
Waterfront Trail - Pickering to Ajax: The Pickering to Ajax portion of the Waterfront Trail is an easy walk and is unique in its own way.
Great hiking trails, Children’s Farm with live farm animals, Turn-of-the Century Spruce Lane Farm House, all showcase the natural beauty of Bronte Creek Provincial park. And highlight of the day was the BBQ at Bronte Creek with my friends.
Another fun day at Darlington Provincial Park, visiting waterfront tails, campgrounds, beaches, marshes, fishing nodes with a big surprise seeing Theodore Tugboat (90s TV show) at Oshawa Harbour.
A nice morning visit to the Rogers Reservoir Conservation Area located in the Town of East Gwillimbury in York Region on a weekday.
The secret to attract hummingbirds to your garden is providing their favorite nectar-laden flowers. Hummingbirds will sure keep visiting you and your beautiful garden.
This lovely waterfront trail from Port Union to Pickering is a nice gem not to be missed.
Sibbald Point Provincial Park Part 2 - Continued in Sibbald Point Provincial Park, enjoying the specular reflection after the rain, visiting the campsites and heritage walk to St George’s Church, a Stone Church built in 1877.
Visiting Scarborough waterfront on the last day of Ontario Step 2 by going from Colonel Danforth Park to East Point Park via Highland Creek Trail and Waterfront Trail.
Rainy Day at Sibbald Point Provincial Park - Having fun in the rain visiting Sibbald Point Provincial Park!
Hummingbirds' New Toy - We all like new toys! Hummingbirds are no exceptions.
Visit 2 Provincial Parks, Mono Cliffs and Forks of the Credit on the same day, enjoying the Jacob’s Ladder, McCarston’s Lake, Kettle Lake, Bailey Bridge and beautiful landscapes along the trails.
Magnificent Birds of Colour - A wonderful world of colours found among birds.
Cool Facts about Hummingbirds - Hummingbirds would like to befriend you and tell you more about them. Watch this video to find out more!
Wilket Creek Walk - An enjoyable walk from Wilket Creek park to Edwards Gardens, Toronto Botanical Garden, Sunnybrook park and Serena Gundy park.
Propagating and sharing this jade plant amongst the family is our way of honouring my mother-in-law and keeping her legacy alive. While the sun has set on one journey, these new offspring represent new beginnings.
Yellow Finches are having fun on the new thistle feeder. This home-made feeder is easy to make with materials found at home. Finches will come to bring you sunshine and surprise!
Hardy Little Hummingbird - Hummingbirds are back! Help feed the hungry hummingbirds so they can continue their migratory journeys!
Georgina, the town in Ontario on the southeastern shore of Lake Simcoe, is a lakeside community with historic buildings, scenic parks and more than 100 farms.
Oriole - Dazzling bright orange colour attracts and brings joy to viewers. And you can share your orange with your bird friend!
The tranquil Cullen Central Park is the former site of once a major tourist attraction in Whitby Ontario for 25 years, called the Cullen Gardens & Miniature Village.
Global Big Day 2021 - What is Global Big Day? Watch this video to find out and watch out for 2022 Global Big Day!
Neighourhood Hike 042421 - Exploring Cedar Valley, a neighbourhood gem in Markham on a sunny spring day.
Admiring the gorgeous tulips in Keukenhof Netherlands, one of the world's largest flower gardens, is the highlight of our trip to Amsterdam in May 2019.
Backyard Friends - While spending more time locked down at home, have you made any backyard friends? Can you name them and share with us?
Embraced the captivating Sakura Grove. Explored the winding Valley Land Trail. Wandered around the historic Miller Lash House and strolled along the tranquil Highland Creek in a relaxing afternoon.
Recycling - One’s waste is another’s treasure. Guess what it is!
A short video to show how wonderful it is to enjoy the freshness that nature offers during the budding season of Spring Time in Markham.
Spring bird Yellow Finches are colourful and joyful to watch. They are a welcome sight in backyards and parks. Here are the interesting facts about Yellow Finches!
A self-guided day tour around Don Valley's interesting places from Weston Family Quarry Garden, Evergreen Brickworks, Governor's Bridge Lookout, Don Valley Brick Works Park, to the Chester Hill Lookout.
Sparrows - Sparrows are little brown birds and they are pretty much alike. Do you want to know more about them when you see them hopping in your backyard?
Nesting Behaviour of Great Blue Heron - Ever wonder where and how Great Blue Herons build their nests? And how they care for their youngs? Lets find out from this video!
Will Great Blue Heron choke on its prey? It is amazing to watch the ‘bill stab’ action of the Great Blue Heron in catching its prey. Its attempts to swallow a large prey bring surprise to bird watching.
Touring the Tiffin Centre for Conservation with a focus on the making of Maple Syrup from Maple sap can be an educational and fun seasonal activity in the nature.
Woodpeckers - Watch the video on Woodpeckers and see whether you can answer the quiz! You won’t miss these black and white woodpeckers hammering at tree barks for insects. They are joy to bird watchers!
Earl Bales Park - A beautiful park for all ages, all season activities in the Heart of the City. Earl Bales is an awesome urban park for everyone!
Mono Cliffs is located on the picturesque Bruce Trail. A fun day of hiking the Cliff-Top Side Trail, passing a canyon on boardwalk, trekking the Jacob's Ladder and the McCarstons Lake Trail.
Hello Nuthatches - Want to know about Nuthatches? Don’t mix them up with Chickadees!
(浮生本地遊) Discovering the various public art and memorials in Ajax Ontario Canada (the Town by the Lake). The refreshing vast Waterfront Park is magically charming in the twilight glow.
Chickadees' ability to keep track of where they store and retrieve hundreds of individual seeds is amazing. And it is more impressive to know Chickadees' brains expand at the Fall and how they clear their memory and replace with new ones in order to survive the frosty winters.
A relaxing afternoon stroll at Lynde Shores Conservation Area in Whitby Ontario, close encounter with nature in this urban oasis. The Lake Ontario Trail was especially tranquil. Watching the sunset in the wild at Bobolink Trail was unforgettable.
Spring Awakens - Spring is alive and bursting with activities. All are out to enjoy the fresh Spring air and beautiful weather. Are you one of them?
Visiting the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) in Sep 2020, the largest botanical garden in Canada. This episode features the Rock Garden which completed its $20 million renovation in 2016, and the Laking Garden with Heritage Garden, Gazebo and Pergola Lookouts.
A Snowman was built following a snowfall on Christmas. However it did not last long as expected. It melted in the rain and in the sun. But it is fascinating to record this snowy friend and watch melting snow trickling down.
Visiting the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) in Sep 2020, the largest botanical garden in Canada. This episode features Hendrie Park which is known for its rose garden, tea house and indoor Mediterranean garden.
Blue Jay in Fight - Born to fight? No! But Blue Jays can be territorial, aggressive and fighting for food especially in the Fall.
3 Stooges 三傻拜年 - The 3 unusual characters met and befriended to wish all a healthy, happy, prosperous Lunar New Year!
Each park showcases its unique beauty: Zhangjiajie - distinct hallmark of the Chinese landscape. Guilin - picturesque river flanked with evergreen karst hills. Huangshan - renowned for granite peaks with the "Four Wonders"
A Surprise Visit from Robins - A rare scene of a flock of tens and tens of robins in Canadian winter. It signals that Spring is around the corner!
Exploring the Rogers Reservoir Conservation Area near Newmarket Ontario. The Trail follows the route of the abandoned 'Ghost Canal System’ of the early 1900s. It is a hidden gem of Canada's transportation history.
Blue Jay is highly curious, smart and determined. It is amazing to see its determination in getting its favorite peanuts. Do you know how many peanuts can a Blue Jay store in its esophagus in one visit?
Cardinals are the most easily recognizable birds found in backyards and parks. They are usually the first to come to the feeder in the morning and the last one to leave in the evening. Let’s explore the 10 fun facts about Cardinals besides their attractive plumage!
Dinner & Dance - Come when you're hungry, leave when you're full! Dance a little bit if you feel like it!
Frosty's Nose - What is with Frosty’s Nose? It attracted so many likes! Would you join in the likes and comment on the YouTube page. Thanks!
Trail Hiking - Forest Therapy Trail & Rouge Valley Trail. A visit to two of the popular trails in Markham, Ontario on a late fall day.
Winter Wonderland with snow started to fall on Christmas Eve and continued into Christmas Day.
Capturing the ever changing Autumn landscape in Richmond Green, being mesmerized by the golden forest, re-energizing in the Elgin W. Greenway lookout, and bidding farewell to Autumn 2020.
Christmas Feast - A time for giving, a time for sharing - in true Christmas spirits!
Blue Jays are aggressive and territorial. They appear to be bullies who will chase other birds away. Let’s see their behaviors in protecting their food sources and defending themselves.
Blue Jay is intelligent and you will like it. Blue Jay has loud vocal and you will dislike it. There is a lot to learn about Blue Jay. And here are the 10 interesting facts about Blue Jay!
If you like the outdoors, going for a walk, feeding songbirds from your palm..... this is the place to go!
A visit to the North Tract in Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario on a warm Fall day in early November.
Flying with the birds at Swan Lake to raise awareness and give supports to Friends of Swan Lake Park for their commitment to saving Swan Lake and Swan Lake Park. More details at
Ron Moeser Trail is a part of the Trans-Canada Trail as well as the Waterfront Trail and the Pan Am Path. This trail with beautiful Lake Ontario scenic view, connects Rouge Beach to the Highland Creek Watershed.
Stephen & Brenda were part of the Great Canadian Hike in Oct 2020. They joined the national challenge which celebrates unity among all hikers in Canada doing physical distancing while socially together.
Capturing the last bit of the Fall Colour at the Phyllis Rawlinson Park with the DJI Mavic Mini Drone.
A leisure walk along the twin rivers, Little Rouge Creek and Rouge River with beautiful scenery on Orchard Trail in Rouge National Urban Park.
This video offers an up-close look at the beauty of nature inside Edwards Gardens - Toronto Botanical Garden.
It is a joy to film Northern saw-whet owl, one of the smallest owl species in North America.
Bond Lake by Drone - Catching the last of the Fall Colors at Bond Lake with the DJI Mavic Mini Drone. A bit windy up high but managed to film and watch the sunset from the sky.
Hiking on Hollidge Tract, one of the York Regional Forest Tracts, on a warm autumn day.
A nice Fall morning stroll outside the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg Ontario. The Gallery Loop Trail links 13 fieldstone and log galleries. The Sculpture Garden showcases 9 bronze sculptures, donated by Canadian artist Ivan Eyre.
Fall colors in this Rouge Valley video edited with the new DaVinci Resolve 17 (public beta). Learning so much about all the new and improved features.
Another 6.2km (15,300 steps) walk enjoying the Fall color along Credit River and the Beauty of Nature. 讀萬卷書不如行萬里路
A quick stroll on a beautiful sunny November afternoon around the charming and picturesque Macrill Pond in Markham, Ontario.
Fairy Lake Park is an excellent place for leisurely walk, jog or bicycle ride. We watched colorful Autumn leaves in October.
The Great Egret - It is excited to watch and film beautiful Great Egrets together with other herons and shore birds in the marsh.
Brenda & Stephen celebrated their anniversary with a picnic in High Park, Toronto's largest public park. The Grenadier Pond, adventure playground, duck ponds & mini-zoo are all distributed across the enchanting landscape.
Come and fly away with me! This video is dedicated to my newborn granddaughter, Abigail Elizabeth Wong.
The Aurora Community Arboretum is the 100+ acres of Town of Aurora parkland between Wellington Street and St John’s Sideroad along the valley of the East Holland River.
Close Encounter with Hummingbird - A breathtaking experience that will never be forgotten.
Trail Hiking - Hiking on the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail Bond Lake and enjoying the beautiful Fall colours in Ontario.
While preparing for Fall migration, hummingbirds show their flight and fight.
The 2020 autumn beauty continues with a birds eye view of the gorgeous fall colors in Markham Ontario.
Enjoying the scenic Fall colors in this 8.8k (18,000 steps) walk passing bridges, ramps, Don River, and up and down the valley on the Lower Don River Trail.
If you don't want to travel far to see the gorgeous fall colors, these 2 spots in Markham may surprise you with a flavor of the autumn beauty.
Trail Hiking - A group of friends hiked on Patterson Tract on the Oak Ridges Moraine, Ontario Nature Trails.
Salmon Run at Bowmanville Fish Ladder is one of the many places in the GTA where you can observe Salmon migrating up streams and rivers to spawn between September & November.
Trail Hiking - An easy trail hike through Dainty Tract and Clarke Tract on the third day of Autumn.
Salmon Run at Paulynn Park - Here is one of the many places in the Greater Toronto Area where you can observe Salmon migrating up streams and rivers to spawn between September & November.
Trail Hiking - A group of friends hiked on Porritt Tract located at Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario Canada on this last Thursday before summer ends.
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 中秋節快樂
Trail Hiking - A short visit on a weekday to two of the beautiful trails located in Markham, Ontario Canada. Milne Dam Trail and Rouge Valley Forest Therapy Trail
senTV filmmakers Brenda & Stephen spent a leisure morning walking through history in Toronto's Guild Park and Gardens.
Inspired by a previous video Trail Hiking - Oak Ridges Corridor Conservation Reserve, Kitty & Ken also went trail hiking at the Oak Ridges Corridor but experienced a totally different adventure.
Trail Hiking: Oak Ridges Corridor Conservation Reserve - A group of friends spent a morning hiking the Oak Ridges Corridor Conservation Reserve, an Ecological Treasure in Richmond Hill, Ontario.
A Dam in a Park - An easy and delightful hiking experience in Milne Dam Conservation Park to get close to nature and overlook the dam from the Milne Dam Bridge.
Fenelon Falls is known as the "Jewel of the Kawarthas", a Trent-Severn Trail Town that offers a mix of rural landscapes and miles of open water, great for exploring arts, culture and heritage.
Trail Hiking: Tom Taylor Trail & Tim Jones Trail - A group of friends spent a morning hiking on trails in Aurora and Newmarket South.
Two couples hiked and explored the Devil's Pulpit, Hoffman Lime Kiln Ruins, and the "Forks of the Credit" Bruce Trail in Caledon Hills.
Trail Hiking: Rouge National Urban Park - A group of friends spent a morning hiking on the Trail while enjoying the beauty of nature.
Things to do after Ontario Stage 3 Reopening: Enjoy 2 hours of the Rouge National Urban Park at the 19th Avenue Day Use Area before having a patio lunch at a lakeside restaurant in Stouffville with a great view and relaxing ambience.
Follow the Osprey - senTV Filmmaker Lily captures a day in the life of one Osprey family sharing her tips to find and film them.
Rosetta McClain Gardens has spectacular views of Lake Ontario from the top of Scarborough Bluffs features rose gardens, raised planters and a rock fountain, a haven for flower connoisseurs, bird and butterfly watchers.
A look back at the Spring of 2020. Is it so different than any other Spring of years gone by?
A New Wonderful Day Awaits - getting up early to film Eastern Screech Owl at Rosetta McClain Gardens.
For one night only, the Queen of the Night will reveal everything you want to know about the secret of the Epiphyllum Oxypetalum. (曇花)
We use sunflowers to illustrate what happiness means to us. What about you? We invite you to share the things that make you happy.
A short film on undomesticated animals that are majestic, swift, interesting, docile, urban, fascinating, fearsome, agile, determined, and endangered.
senTV Filmmaker Lily show us her tips and tricks to film and photograph birds.
These large beautiful fluffy, showy Peonies are in full bloom for all of us to enjoy.
White-tailed deer get its name from its white underside tail and are the most common deer in North America.
With patience, love and care, Lily show us how to attract backyard birds to your home.
A short film captures the joy of life in one Robin’s nest located in Ontario.
senTV Filmmaker Brenda captured the various land and water animals which you may be delighted to meet up with in a zoo.
senTV Filmmaker Lily gears up once again to film and photograph another season of her owl watching.
senTV Filmmaker Lily captured all the action of her Toronto Blue Jays right within her backyard.
Hummingbird Spring Migration stop-over at senTV Filmmaker Lily’s backyard for a little break before continuing their long journey.
Hummingbird Spring Migration stop-over at senTV Filmmaker Lily’s backyard for a little break before continuing their long journey.
senTV Filmmaker Lily combine beautiful imagery to the Chinese song “I Am A Little Little Bird” 我是一隻小小鳥
senTV Filmmaker Kitty capturing all things Springing to Life.
senTV Filmmaker Jack Pang plays guitar for the health care workers who are risking their lives to keep us safe.
Bird Watching - senTV Filmmaker Lily Wong takes us to discover the spectacular sights and sounds of the paradise in her backyard.
Guess Who is Coming - A Short Film that highlights the wonders we can enjoy right in our backyard.
Black Creek Pioneer Village, a village life in Canada as it was 150 years ago. An open-air heritage museum in Toronto.