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What is Oriole's favorite food? - Everyone has favorites. Oriole is no exception. What is Oriole’s favorite food? Place them outdoors to welcome the visits of Orioles.
Smiling Apple Biscuits (笑口蘋果餅乾) | Easy DIY Recipe [ENG + Chinese] These crispy and healthy biscuits only use one apple and one egg. It's easy to make at home and perfect as a snack.
Part 2 - Cruising along the course of Elbe River offers a generous taste of cultures, history and scenery. We got ample time to wander around. It's all about the experience!
DaVinci Resolve 18's Object Mask is a new option added to the Magic Mask function that easily masks and tracks object for your video. Available in the Studio version of Resolve 18.
Cruising along the course of Elbe River offers a generous taste of cultures, history and scenery. We got ample time to wander around. It's all about the experience!
The new DaVinci Resolve 18 Surface Tracker can apply graphics to surfaces that warp or change perspective with ease to speed up your work. Available in the Studio version.
Amazing Swans - A duet between Mute Swan and Trumpeter Swan is amazing to watch. And you won’t miss the Trumpeter’s trumpeting and honking calls.
Painting by Pat #23 - Time-Lapse Video of a painting of Magnolia 木蘭花 in watercolor.
Planning to visit some of the extreme points on earth? How about the Northernmost point of Europe - North Cape? Or the southernmost city in the world - Ushuaia?
DaVinci Resolve 18's new Depth Map feature will greatly reduce your editing time and speed up your work. But it's only available in the Studio version of DaVinci Resolve.
Spring Birds - Can you name the earliest spring birds found in Toronto, Ontario? Most appear in this video. Have Fun!
This video is to show different ways to distribute dominoes when we play. There are a mix of traditional and newer methods to start a game to make sure everyone gets the tiles in a fair manner.
Volunteering can be fun and rewarding. This video captured some of the precious moments of the charitable work done by AGOAC Craft Group during the Pandemic in 2021.
The Centennial Park Conservatory in Etobicoke Ontario is free to visit. Spring in our steps, its greenhouse was filled with fragrant Easter lilies and blooming hydrangeas around Easter weekend.
Blackmagic Design’s new version of DaVinci Resolve 18 is a major release featuring cloud-based workflows amongst many additional features and improvements to this all-in-one solution for post production.
Exploring six (6) top UNESCO Heritage Sites of India's Golden Triangle, like the iconic Taj Mahal, huge forts and magnificent palaces etc. This was an unforgettable historical and cultural experience.
To really learn filmmaking, simply watching YouTube videos is not enough. We must take the time to practice and we must start doing it right after watching.
American Robin - Spring is here when you see robins frolicking and foraging for food in open spaces. The Robin’s rich caroling is one of the earliest bird songs heard at dawn in spring and summer.
Singapore, a vibrant country with lots for its visitors to do, such as exploring architecture, arts, culture, history, nature, and leisure activities.
Film Script Breakdown & Shot List - Knowing how to break down a script to create a shot list is one of the important skills to have in order to ensure a successful film/video production.
簡單椰汁南瓜糕 | Simple Coconut Milk Pumpkin Cake Recipe (ENG/中文) - The taste is very chewy and it's both delicious and healthy for yourself and the family alike.
Learn Mandarin by Singing #26 -《後來》是劉若英演唱的一首歌曲,由施人誠作詞,玉城千春作曲,王繼康編曲。It is a love song, the original singer is 劉若英. Want to learn Mandarin? Follow me and sing it.
A wonderful stop-over at Windsor Sculpture Park along the scenic waterfront overlooking the Detroit skyline. It was enjoyable seeing the large-scale, internationally recognized works of contemporary sculptures being showcased in this museum without walls.
Whenever you have writer's block and are stuck on coming up with ideas for your video, just imagine what your future self would tell you.
Short Eared Owl - Hoot hoot comes the Short-eared Owl! Active when it awakes. Roost when it sleeps. We have to follow them at dawn and dusk.
Upper Limb Conditions - From Elbow to Wrist - Healthy Lifestyle Series (Cantonese) - Dr. Christina Choi, Chiropractor, explains to us the anatomy of the upper limbs, from the elbow to the wrist.
Goa has postcard-perfect coastline next to Arabian Sea. Exploring its famous historic churches, the incredible sunset beach and appreciating the laidback lifestyle with amazing Goan cuisines was a real treat to welcome 2016.
With gas prices keep going up and up through the roof, and for environmental reasons, more and more people are now buying electric vehicles. Should I buy one?