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Banana Oatmeal Cookies 香蕉燕麥曲奇 - This recipe uses just 4 ingredients to make healthy and delicious cookies (no sugar, flour or eggs!). It is so simple and easy to make at home, give it a try!
猴頭菇炆蘿蔔 素食網友 Sandra 好介绍 Stew Lions mane mushroom with white radish 簡單食譜新鲜無硫磺猴頭菇有益腦部健康失智証 easy recipe
[木瓜雪耳红豆豆腐素湯] 高蛋白質素湯 High protein Papaya and soya bean vegan soup 清潤香甜補血 easy recipe 容易好味
At the "Farm To Fork Tour 2023", we were able to explore farms and attractions in beautiful East Gwillimbury, Canada to learn from the farmers and shop local with a suggested event route.
多倫多素食餐廳【知味齋 健康素食】耕耘廿二年「光榮結業」Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant closed down after 22 years.
Cranberry Walnut Cupcake (蔓越莓核桃紙杯蛋糕) | Easy Recipe - This healthy & delicious cupcake is perfect for breakfast & afternoon tea. It is also very easy to make at home. (Serves 6)
素食維他命 Vegan Vitamins 素食要吃維他命丸嗎? 素食者五大營養素 均衡飲食 supplements for vegans?
素食餐廳 Bean House 加拿大多倫多烈志文山 Vegetarian restaurant Richmond Hill Toronto Plant based eatery
椰汁山藥泥甜品 Chinese Yam Dessert in Coconut Milk - 簡單容易健康 Easy simple healthy recipe 淮山益處多 with many benefits.
Cranberry Walnut Cookies (蔓越莓核桃曲奇) | Easy Recipe - A healthy & delicious snack, they are perfect with a cup of tea and easy to make at home.
素蓮藕餅 Vegan Lotus Root Patties 簡單容易食譜 simple easy recipe 健康營養 No flour needed 不用麵粉
黑芝麻千層糕 | Black Sesame Layer Cake | This dessert is so bouncy and chewy, and easy to make at home. It can last in the fridge up to 3 days and I recommend to steam it for 5 minutes on high heat before serving.
Pumpkin Walnut Cup Cakes (南瓜核桃杯子蛋糕) | Easy Recipe
Baked Tapioca Pearls (Sago) with Red beans Paste (焗紅豆蓉西米布甸) | Easy Recipe [ENG SUB]
Chinese Walnut Cookies (核桃酥) | Easy Recipe [ENG SUB] - Chinese Walnut Cookies are traditional snack , these crunchy, nutty treat are perfect with a cup of tea and easy to make at home.
Potato Cheese Pancakes [馬鈴薯芝士餅] These potato pancakes are made from mashed potatoes and cheese. They are soft from the inside and crispy golden brown from the outside. Perfect for snacking!
Smiling Apple Biscuits (笑口蘋果餅乾) | Easy DIY Recipe [ENG + Chinese] These crispy and healthy biscuits only use one apple and one egg. It's easy to make at home and perfect as a snack.
簡單椰汁南瓜糕 | Simple Coconut Milk Pumpkin Cake Recipe (ENG/中文) - The taste is very chewy and it's both delicious and healthy for yourself and the family alike.
Roasted Piglet starts with a piglet that is 2 to 6 weeks old, fed only on its mother's milk, roasted whole for the skin to be extra crispy keeping all the flavour and taste so amazing.
黑芝麻燒餅 Black sesame paste rice cake - a classic snack & Hong Kong street food. This simple and delicious recipe is easy to make at home. Most people like to use red bean paste or peanut butter, but I like black sesame paste because it is healthy and not too sweet.
Seniors Online - Virtual Chinese New Year Celebration 萬錦元宵慶新春 (Livestream) Come join us for a fun-filled afternoon as we celebrate Chinese New Year of the Tiger!
During our 2019 travel footprints in Singapore, we took part in an authentic local cooking experience, learned to make the popular dish of Hainanese Chicken Rice at the seasoned Ruqxana's home kitchen.
Dorayaki (銅鑼燒) is a popular snack/dessert in Japan and it's very easy to make. It consists of two small pancakes with a filling of your choice – it tastes soft and delicious. Easy DIY Recipe.
中醫冬天養生 - Healthy Lifestyle Series (In Cantonese) 姚詠梅 - 註冊中醫師為我們講解冬天養生之道. 要真正了解天人合一, 就要了解天和 自然的規律. 養生之道包括衣著及飲食方面, 生活起居住行等等.
Pan Fried Lotus Root Pancake 香煎蓮藕餅 Easy Recipe - This is is one of my favourite dishes at dim-sum, the little cakes are packed with crunchy texture and taste is very delicious, they are easy to make and home and they also at Dim-sum restaurant.
Chocolate Cup Cakes (朱古力杯子蛋糕) | Easy Recipe [ENG SUB] - This cup cake is easy to make and is soft and fluffy. It's good for both adults and children to snack on for afternoon tea.
These transparent puddings are a traditional Hong Kong snack. You can use any filling; red bean paste, custard, black sesame paste, and more. They are very chewy and not too sweet. I used purple yam this time because I like the purple colour and it is also healthy.
Bonding with Grandchildren - How I learnt to make Hong Kong Fruit Salad from my Grandmother. A family dish brings back fond memories of a learning experience decades ago. And the tradition moves on.
Red bean pudding (also known at Put Chai Ko) is a popular snack in Hong Kong. Traditionally, you use two bamboo skewers to take out the Put Chai Ko from the container. Nowadays, it is mostly sold in plastic bags.
Sweet Potato Glutinous Rice Balls | 蕃薯糯米糍 - Glutinous rice balls are a type of traditional Chinese pastry. It is also known as "lo mei chi". Common fillings are egg yolk custard, red bean paste or sesame seed. I use sweet potato for a healthier recipe.
Chinese Steamed Sponge Cake is traditionally served in dim sum restaurants. This is an easy and delicious recipe to try (especially during lockdown).
Easy One Pan Apple Cake | 平底鍋蘋果蛋糕 - This is how to make an apple cake without needing to use the oven in just 30 minutes! The ingredients are simple and the cake is moist & delicious, perfect for afternoon tea.
氣炸鍋核桃笑口棗 | Airfryer Smiling Sesame Ball with Walnut - This traditional snack is normally deep fried and has no filling. Try this new method that's healthier and easier to make! Happy Chinese New Year to you all.
Chinese New Year Cakes and Pastries 賀年糕點 - As Chinese New Year approaching, we like to share some of the many traditional treats that are being prepared to celebrate this festive occasion.
Crispy Peanut Puffs 酥脆花生油角 - A traditional Chinese New Year snack that’s easy to make. These crispy puffs filled with crushed peanuts, sesame seeds and sugar brings both joy and luck!
Crispy Sugar Rings 酥脆糖環 - This sweet and crispy snack is one of the many tasty treats that you can make to celebrate Chinese New Year.
Pandan Coconut Milk Cake - Pandan is a herbaceous plant with fragrant leaves, which are widely used for flavouring in cuisines of Southeast Asia and South Asia. Wish you all a Merry Christmas!
Flaira's Snowskin Mooncake recipe is just in time for Mid-Autumn Festival. 這個冰皮月餅食譜正好趕上中秋節。
Helen shows us how to Grow Bean Sprouts at Home at a fraction of the cost.
Welcome to senTV's Sunday Showcase where we highlight selected videos and short films on this channel. This week, we feature some of the dessert recipe videos on this channel.
Things to do after Ontario Stage 3 Reopening: Enjoy 2 hours of the Rouge National Urban Park at the 19th Avenue Day Use Area before having a patio lunch at a lakeside restaurant in Stouffville with a great view and relaxing ambience.
Papaya Mixed Berries Smoothie - a healthy way to brighten up your mornings.
What’s for dinner? How about this healthy and tasty Jerk Chicken Burger for tonight?
This deliciously rich New York Style Cheesecake is so easy to make that we must share it with others to avoid overindulgence. Enjoy!
Healthy, quick and easy. Fried Radish Pan Cake with Minced Pork and Fish Paste. 香煎鴛鴦蘿白餅
Crispy almond chips with sunflower and pumpkin seeds, a healthy snack that you can enjoy anytime.
French Omelette with Avocado, a quick and simple recipe that you can enjoy every morning.
Another quick and easy recipe for a deliciously refreshing drink that you can enjoy any time of the day.
This delicious Mango Ice Cream is so simple to create with only 3 ingredients. Simple, smooth and sweet.
Let your air fryer do most of the work in this easy and tasty Airfried Chicken recipe by Flaira.
Betty and Michael show us their home made Chinese steamed buns recipe (in Cantonese with English subtitle). 如何在家蒸饅頭
Créme Caramel 焦糖燉蛋 - How to make this perfectly elegant dessert. So silky and smooth, it simply melts in your mouth.
Quick and easy recipe of Flaira's delicious and tasty Walnut Cheddar Cheese Cake.
senTV Filmmaker Brenda used silicone baking cups to steam the Red Bean Sago Cakes, a simple and easy way to make. They are deliciously gooey and chewy.
Easy made silky smooth tofu pudding (narrated in Cantonese). 簡單易造香滑豆腐花(粤語旁白)。
A group of senTV Filmmakers enjoyed the making of their art creation, using fruits on a plate, while staying home.
Betty and Michael show us their recipe of this comforting and healthy Coconut Chicken Soup.
senTV Filmmaker captures the increasingly popular technique of Sous Vide Steak.
senTV Filmmaker Brenda made 3 types of tasty bites using Mozzarella and or Parmesan Cheese. These bites are good for breakfast, brunch or appetizer.
This delicious roasted salmon dish is fresh, nutritious and light, also easy to prepare.
senTV Filmmaker Gilbert making this tasty Minced Crab Noodle Soup.
senTV Filmmaker Brenda making delicious Braised Lamb Shank.
senTV Filmmaker Flaira making delicious Pancakes from scratch.
A quick and easy recipe to make Tofu Duck. (Cantonese with English subtitles) 素鵝是一種好吃簡單而容易煮的菜式。
Simple and easy recipe for making Steamed Eggs.
This Braised Oxtail is rich and flavorful with fall-off-the-bone great tasting tender meat. (紅燒牛尾)
senTV Filmmaker Brenda makes Bandit Chicken Wings with 2 spices and black sesame seeds.
senTV Filmmaker Marener introduces an easy way to make delicious Oatmeal Cookies.
senTV Filmmaker Flaira making Dalgona Coffee to be enjoyed at any time of the day.
senTV Filmmaker Brenda making Singapore Laksa that tickles your taste buds.
senTV Filmmaker Brenda demonstrates how to add a citrus twist on her roasted spare ribs.
senTV Filmmaker Brenda making delicious Honey Pork Jerky
senTV Filmmakers Flaira shows us her homemade Kimchi Fried Rice.
senTV Filmmaker Brenda makes Steamed Radish Cake with the Instant Pot. (in Chinese)
senTV Filmmaker Arlene shows how quick and easy to cook a whole fish in less than 5 minutes.
senTV Filmmaker Gilbert Tam shares the recipe to make Cottage Roll.
senTV Filmmaker Flaira shares her recipe for Ox Tail Russian Borscht. (in Cantonese) 牛尾羅宋湯
senTV Filmmaker Kitty shows us her easy Homemade Bread recipe.
Sweet Potato Cake prepared and presented by Betty and Michael. (in Cantonese) 番薯糯米餅
senTV Filmmaker Arlene shares her recipe to make Ginger Milk Pudding 薑汁撞奶 (in Cantonese).
AGOAC volunteer shows you how to make home-made healthy blueberry banana muffins (in Cantonese). AGOAC 義工示範自製健康藍莓香蕉鬆餅(粤語)。
senTV Filmmaker Flaira sharing her Onigiri Making skills (in Cantonese) 飯糰
senTV Easy Home Cooking - This is what our senTV filmmaker did during her first 2 days while practicing her social distancing ...
senTV visits the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. SenTV interviewed Charlie Johnstone, CEO of the Royal Fair, who managed the Fair with one million square feet of displays and competition facilities with more than 300,000 visitors a year.
Winterlicious 2020 - Lily, Helen, Julie & Witman. "Extraordinary lunch with gourmet food, lots of sharing and laughter. Marvellous Winterlicious experience, looking for encoresss ..."
Winterlicious 2020 at Auberge du Pommier with Arlene, Marener, Thomas & Paul. "Delicious Food, Delightful Friends. A Perfect Experience. We shall enjoy again."
Winterlicious 2020 - Angela, Kitty, Flaria & Rita. "How wonderful to enjoy a gourmet lunch with friends on a snowy day. It's priceless!"
senTV Filmmakers Team C visits the 2020 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. With the Royal Fair Media Pass, senTV crew interviewed various guests and some vendors at the "Made By Me" Artisan Pavilion.
Winterlicious 2020 -Jinny & Ben : Wonderful Winterlicious experience! Delicious food, great entertainment and dancing. Let the Good times roll!
senTV visits the 2019 Toronto Christmas Market. A month-long event that celebrates the sights, sounds and scents of Christmas at the Distillery District.
senTV visits the Bloor-Yorkville Icefest on 2020-02-09. The 15th Annual Bloor-Yorkville Icefest presents "Awesome '80s" featuring 70,000 lbs of crystal-clear ice sculptures.
At the Royal Winter Fair, senTV filmmakers learned about locally grown food, enjoyed the Horse Jump Competition, Harness Racing, and RCMP musical rides, plus many other animal shows.
Winterlicious 2020 - Brenda, Stephen, John & Gilbert. "What an enchanting and enjoyable Winterlicious experience. Luscious food, great companions and tasteful settings."
senTV visits the Toronto Christmas Market in the Distillery Historic District. The crew interviewed Matthew Rosenblatt, Creator and Executive Director of this Market.
senTV visits the Toronto Tea Festival 2020 held inside the Toronto Reference Library.
senTV visits Markham Fair. The Markham Fair hosts more than 80,000 attendees each year with about 700 volunteers. The largest 4-day fair in Canada.