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Cranberry Walnut Cookies (蔓越莓核桃曲奇) | Easy Recipe - A healthy & delicious snack, they are perfect with a cup of tea and easy to make at home.
We explored the renowned Villa Rufolo and leisurely wandered through the enchanting town of Ravello along the Amalfi coast. We also enjoyed wine tasting at a charming winery amidst picturesque vineyards. Before returning to the cruise ship, we admired the beauty of the Amalfi Cathedral.
Learn Mandarin by Singing #33 - 再回首 The best way to learn Mandarin is by singing a Mandarin song.
Inside Hong Kong Park, we had a wonderful experience at the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware for its well curated exhibits, the historic colonial architecture, and the rich history of tea drinking culture in China and Hong Kong.
素蓮藕餅 Vegan Lotus Root Patties 簡單容易食譜 simple easy recipe 健康營養 No flour needed 不用麵粉
Without Whom - Have you ever wondered what happens after death? The idea that a loved one can still feel present in our lives even after their passing is a common experience for many.
Sharp Island is a narrow island in Sai Kung Inner Sea with unique geological features and a natural tombolo that emerges only at low tide. You can find the famous “rock stars” such as the Pineapple Bun Rocks.
My Stockholm Tour. Photos and videos from my Trip to Stockholm, Sweden.
We loved our time at Hong Kong Park, a beautiful green oasis in the heart of the city. Its natural beauty and serene atmosphere left us mesmerized. The Vantage Point provides an unparalleled vista of the surrounding area.
Tai O is a unique window into the traditional fishing culture of Hong Kong. It is surrounded by mountains and South China Sea. We enjoyed our boat ride passing through the stilt houses. The dried sea goods and local delicacies there are very famous.
Painting by Pat #29 - Time-Lapse Video of watercolor painting of a Lily Flower.
Singapore's 2nd tallest Tower offers a unique experience for visitors who are interested in architecture and panoramic views. We explored the Sky Garden & the 4 connected floors of an open-air Green Oasis which blends nature seamlessly into the downtown skyscraper.
Cheung Chau is an island surrounded by stunning rock formations and beautiful beaches. We had fun discovering the various rock formations, capturing majestic scenic spots with drone. It also offers different activities like hiking, windsurfing and zip-lining.
Canopy Park - an iconic landmark located at the heart of Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore. It welcomes the young and young at heart with an array of fun attractions. A unique recreational wonderland for all.
We thoroughly enjoyed our leisure time in Mui Wo, a charming coastal town nestled on Lantau Island. Among picturesque hills, the breathtaking Silvermine Bay Beach, offers turquoise water and shimmering golden sand for nature lovers.
Learn Mandarin by Singing #32 - 忘情水 The best way to learn Mandarin is by singing a Mandarin song.
The Hong Kong Oil Street Art Space offers a unique and engaging experience for visitors who are interested in art, culture, and history. We especially like its creative atmosphere and convenient location.
We explored the beauty and majesty of High Island Reservoir East Dam and admired its stunning scenery, including the surrounding hexagonal rock columns. The impressive engineering marvel is part of Hong Kong Global Geopark and a UNESCO site.
黑芝麻千層糕 | Black Sesame Layer Cake | This dessert is so bouncy and chewy, and easy to make at home. It can last in the fridge up to 3 days and I recommend to steam it for 5 minutes on high heat before serving.
Singapore Chinatown murals offer visitors a glimpse of Singapore's cultural heritage and history, as well as a visually stunning experience. We had fun taking pictures and stepped into the street art.
Join us on a discovery journey of Yim Tin Tsai, a small island off the coast of Sai Kung in Hong Kong for its cultural heritage, scenic beauty and tranquil atmosphere. We enjoyed the public artworks of the Sai Kung Hoi Arts Festival along the way.
The East Coast Park Precinct is located at the harbourfront in Fortress Hill, Hong Kong. We enjoyed the sea breeze on the benches along the breakwater and the panoramic view of the harbour by the East Vent Shaft during sunset.
Painting by Pat #28 - Time-Lapse Video of a painting of Winter Scene.
Rich in history, Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. Located in the heart of Europe, known for its stunning castles, palaces, charming cobblestone neighbourhoods, with historic churches and synagogues, make it a popular tourist destination.
We visited Port Rowan, the coastal town along Ontario's Lake Erie during our staycation in Long Point Eco-Adventures. We fell in love with this town with its nearby farm, artisan market, wildlife sceneries and beach.
In addition to the lavender fields, Bonnieheath Estate is also home to a winery that produces a variety of award-winning wines using locally grown grapes. The Estate also has a country store that sells a range of lavender-based products.
The Whistling Gardens is a peaceful and picturesque destination, offering visitors the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature and relax in a calm and serene setting. Don't forget to visit its Bird Aviary.
Learn Mandarin by Singing #31 - 最遠的你是我最近的愛 The best way to learn Mandarin is by singing a Mandarin song.