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We were very happy to bask in the coastal splendor of St Martins, New Brunswick, where rugged sea caves intertwine with the undeniable charm of its maritime village.
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On a misty day along the Fundy Trail Parkway, the world transformed into a dreamlike realm, created an enchanting sense of wonder, invited us to immerse ourselves a sensory journey that felt both serene and mystical.
Our visit to Hopewell Rocks was memorable as we walked on the ocean floor and explored the huge sea-carved sculptures up close. Witnessed the tidal waters surging in, thrilled to capture these moments against the Bay of Fundy's natural wonders.
Painting by Pat #31 - Time-Lapse Video of a painting of Oxalis Triangularis Flowers in watercolour.
Amazing Hummingbird - She is feeding herself and getting ready for the Fall Migration!
Ministers Island of New Brunswick, accessible safely only at low tide by crossing the ocean floor, offers 500 acres of history and stunning beauty, with a glimpse into Canada's rich maritime story and scenic exploration.
Experience a thrilling day excursion featuring the scenic Fu Shan Trail hike overlooking the South China Sea, followed by a visit to the historic Tai O Heritage Hotel and a delightful high tea to conclude.
Pittsburgh City Sightseeing (匹茲堡市內觀光)- Sightseeing in Pittsburgh with friends.
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A captivating day excursion on the western shores of the island, where a rugged coastline adorned with amazing rocky formations, and the renowned Cheung Po Chai Cave awaits; this area is a hiker's paradise.
We explored the enchanting Russian Naval Base and Beach before our delightful ferry ride to Galatas. Took pleasure in a stroll through the streets of Galatas. Aboard the Nemo semi-submarine for an underwater exploration then indulged in a Greek seafood dinner.
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We visited the serene Monastiri Beach and embarked on the Poros Trail 5, which led us through scenic paths to the Monastery. The highlight was the uphill walk to the Poros Clock Tower, where we admired the breathtaking grand views it offered.
Learn Mandarin by Singing #34 - 追夢人 The best way to learn Mandarin is by singing a Mandarin song.
Experienced the enchanting journey of Day 1 as we set sail from Piraeus to Poros, we immersed in the charm of a historic hotel and eagerly set out to explore the quaint Poros Old Town, then we enjoyed a delectable Greek dinner by the picturesque seaside.
We discovered some exquisite handmade products offered by the talented local vendors. Furthermore, embarking on a self-guided tour, we immersed in the wealth of knowledge surrounding the innovative regenerative farming techniques practiced at the Farm.
A short aerial video to preview our 3 days trip on the memorable Poros of Greece.
The Georgina Centre for Arts & Culture is an awe-inspiring destination which showcases a diverse range of artistic expressions. Our curiosity was sparked, leading us on an enthralling journey of exploration. It was an unforgettable and enriching experience.
Our journey led us to the captivating Lighthouse and the historic Firkas Fortress, where we immersed ourselves in their beauty. Pausing for a refreshing break on the rooftop cafe, we then proceeded to visit the Greek Orthodox cathedral.
Painting by Pat #30 - Time-Lapse Video of a painting of Iris in watercolor.
We walked from the cruise port to venture into the captivating Medieval City of Rhodes. Our exploration included the remarkable Archaeological Museum and the awe-inspiring Grand Master Palace. We also indulged in a pleasant lunch break next to the picturesque Elli Beach.
An Interview with the BT Photography Class - The video also highlights a diverse collection of stunning and captivating work produced by its members.
Experienced the charm of Greece in Argostoli. Strolled along the seaside town and visited the Saint Theodore Lighthouse and De Bosset Bridge. Savored a delightful Greek lunch by the water and brought home remarkable memories.
Discovering Catania was a feast for the senses. We stood in awe at the Cathedral of Saint Agatha and the picturesque Piazza del Duomo. Our breath was taken away by the stunning view of Mt. Etna from Silvestri Craters. It was an unforgettable journey.
Hummingbird's Favorite Annual Flowers - These beautiful fast growing flowers provide plenty of nectar for hummingbirds and are a cheerful addition to any backyard.
We strolled from the cruise port to the Kusadasi Castle nestled on Pigeon Island, captivated by its enchanting allure. We then explored the vibrant streets of Kusadasi Old Town. We had time to savor an elegant afternoon tea back on the Oceania cruise ship.
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