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Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada is known for its natural beauty of mountains, forests and rivers. With its rich cultural heritage and friendly community, it offers a harmonious small-town charm.
This Short Film is a Demo to show You're Never Too Old to do Whip Pan & Pass-By In-Camera Effects in Filmmaking.
Saguenay provides a delightful balance of natural beauty and cultural experiences for visitors to explore and enjoy. We were greeted by the warm and welcoming locals. Our Hop-On-Hop-Off bus adventure was very memorable.
At the "Farm To Fork Tour 2023", we were able to explore farms and attractions in beautiful East Gwillimbury, Canada to learn from the farmers and shop local with a suggested event route.
Moulting Yellow Finch - Do you know Yellow Finch moult twice every year? Have you seen a Moulting Finch before? Why do they need to moult? Hope you find all the answers in this video!
The BooFest 2023 is a haunting adventure held at Assembly Park, Vaughan, Canada. Every corner is adorned with the spirit of Halloween for visitors of all ages to enjoy a spooktacular experience.
多倫多素食餐廳【知味齋 健康素食】耕耘廿二年「光榮結業」Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant closed down after 22 years.
Painting by Pat # 32 - Time-Lapse Video of a painting of Tulips in watercolour.
The Blockhouse in St Andrews By-the-Sea, is a well-preserved wooden blockhouse that offers visitors a glimpse into the region's military past and stunning coastal views from its strategic location.
A short video showing our fun time to capture the late coming fall colours in Markham, while trying out the new Hover Air X1 flying camera.
Cranberry Walnut Cupcake (蔓越莓核桃紙杯蛋糕) | Easy Recipe - This healthy & delicious cupcake is perfect for breakfast & afternoon tea. It is also very easy to make at home. (Serves 6)
Our visit to Kingsbrae Garden was a delightful journey. The sculptures, thoughtfully integrated into the garden's design, added an extra layer of intrigue, making our exploration a mesmerizing fusion of horticultural and artistic wonder.
St Andrews-by-the-Sea is a picturesque coastal town in New Brunswick, Canada. Known for its historic architecture and stunning waterfront views, it becomes a popular spot for those who seek relaxation and maritime beauty.
Alma Village's natural beauty, outdoor activities, and maritime charm make it an appealing destination for nature enthusiasts and those seeking a peaceful retreat by the Bay of Fundy.
Learn Mandarin by Singing #35 - 讓我們看雲去 The best way to learn Mandarin is by singing a Mandarin song.
In the Fundy Biosphere Region, exploring Cape Enrage on a fossil beach tour was a journey through time. We uncovered ancient treasures and gazed at dramatic cliffs, creating an adventure of blended history and natural wonder.
We were very happy to bask in the coastal splendor of St Martins, New Brunswick, where rugged sea caves intertwine with the undeniable charm of its maritime village.
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On a misty day along the Fundy Trail Parkway, the world transformed into a dreamlike realm, created an enchanting sense of wonder, invited us to immerse ourselves a sensory journey that felt both serene and mystical.
Our visit to Hopewell Rocks was memorable as we walked on the ocean floor and explored the huge sea-carved sculptures up close. Witnessed the tidal waters surging in, thrilled to capture these moments against the Bay of Fundy's natural wonders.
Painting by Pat #31 - Time-Lapse Video of a painting of Oxalis Triangularis Flowers in watercolour.
Amazing Hummingbird - She is feeding herself and getting ready for the Fall Migration!
Ministers Island of New Brunswick, accessible safely only at low tide by crossing the ocean floor, offers 500 acres of history and stunning beauty, with a glimpse into Canada's rich maritime story and scenic exploration.
Experience a thrilling day excursion featuring the scenic Fu Shan Trail hike overlooking the South China Sea, followed by a visit to the historic Tai O Heritage Hotel and a delightful high tea to conclude.
Pittsburgh City Sightseeing (匹茲堡市內觀光)- Sightseeing in Pittsburgh with friends.
素食餐廳 Bean House 加拿大多倫多烈志文山 Vegetarian restaurant Richmond Hill Toronto Plant based eatery
A captivating day excursion on the western shores of the island, where a rugged coastline adorned with amazing rocky formations, and the renowned Cheung Po Chai Cave awaits; this area is a hiker's paradise.