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Our 3-Day pre-cruise trip in San Diego was fun like close encounter with the sea lions at the scenic seaside cove, exploring the beautiful Balboa Park and the historic naval aviation USS Midway Museum.
A simple and easy way to do day-for-night color grading while masking objects with auto-tracking in DaVinci Resolve.
Light In The Dark - From blindness to regaining sight, what challenges and obstacles will the person face. It is not an easy feat to adapt and live in the light after years of darkness.
幸運福袋 Chinese New Year Lucky Money Bag Easy DIY Craft [ENG SUB] - This cute little red envelope money bag paper craft is great for decorations around the house during Chinese New Year.
During our 2019 travel footprints in Singapore, we took part in an authentic local cooking experience, learned to make the popular dish of Hainanese Chicken Rice at the seasoned Ruqxana's home kitchen.
A quick video to show a couple of easy ways to fix Media Offline errors to relink missing files in DaVinci Resolve 17.
The surreal Icelandic landscape with its architecture is a dream destination for us. Including the unpredictable weather, it was truly a memorable travel experience.
A quick video to show just how easy it is to create a reverse jump video with the help of DaVinci Resolve 17.
Land Snails - Explore into their secret world with their shells to protect them from weather and predators. However, their shells reduce their size and mobility and they live quiet lives under the cover of darkness.
Painting by Pat #21 - Timelapse Painting Video of a Bundle of McIntosh Apples in Watercolor. 麥金托什紅,或通俗的Mac,是一種蘋果品種,是加拿大的國蘋果。果實有紅色和綠色的外皮、酸味和嫩白的果肉,9月下旬成熟。在 20世紀,它是加拿大東部和新英格蘭最受歡迎的品種.
With local charming festival decorations, may the holiday spirits in Markham historic towns bring you Peace, Joy & Love. Season's Greetings!
This video shows you my basic and simple method of doing Day For Night colour grading, turning a day scene into a night scene, in DaVinci Resolve.
Squirrels - Friends or foes? Sharing or stealing? A matter of perspective! ’Tis merry season, let’s give and enjoy. Peace be on earth!
A fun day following the scenic Leaskdale Loop, to explore some historical buildings, including the home museum of Lucy Montgomery, and farms with wealth of local handcrafts and home baked pastries.
Visiting Angus Glen's first annual Fairway Of Lights. This walking light show follows the path through the woods and experiences the excitement, mystery & celebration of the winter season in lights.
Burlington Waterfront Festival of Lights - A visit to Burlington. Leisure walk around Burlington waterfront and it’s market place. At night time, enjoy the famous Festival of Lights.
Jingle Bell Rock - Cover by AG Live Band - AG Live Band performed Jingle Bell Rock at the Virtual Christmas Party on December 12, 2021. Merry Christmas To All!
Dorayaki (銅鑼燒) is a popular snack/dessert in Japan and it's very easy to make. It consists of two small pancakes with a filling of your choice – it tastes soft and delicious. Easy DIY Recipe.
Our Holiday magic started from the charming Village Square, continued with The Festival of Lights, a popular seasonal tradition in Burlington's waterfront, exploring various dazzling themed light displays.
5 Tips For Better Karaoke on Zoom - Here are my 5 tips that will help you to have a better experience singing Karaoke on Zoom. Enjoy and Rock On!!
Bird Bath - Want to know about the uses and care of a bird bath? This video will provide you with some ideas.
Learn Mandarin by Singing popular Mandarin songs with Pat Yan (in Mandarin) Singing #24 - 相思爬上心底
Santa Claus is coming to town! Join us for a fun-filled hour of Christmas Carol Group Singing, Line Dancing, and a virtual tour to see how people have decorated their homes for the festive season.
Explored a Scandinavian Christmas Market at Niemi Family Farm with bonfires, impressive local vendors, festive Christmas Land, cool fun wagon ride and, last but not least: their tasty bakings.
This video will show you how to adjust a few settings in DaVinci Resolve that can help you to have smoother playbacks for all your footage.
New Toy for Blue Jay - Christmas is coming. The Blue jays have fun playing with their new toy. Soon other birds will join in the fun.
中醫冬天養生 - Healthy Lifestyle Series (In Cantonese) 姚詠梅 - 註冊中醫師為我們講解冬天養生之道. 要真正了解天人合一, 就要了解天和 自然的規律. 養生之道包括衣著及飲食方面, 生活起居住行等等.
You and Your Shoulder 肩膀與你 Healthy Lifestyle Series (Cantonese) - Dr. Choi explains the anatomy of the shoulder, some common shoulder pain conditions, treatments & prevention, and exercises to alleviate the pain.